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Garlic Chef Competition – Winning Menus

2014 Winning Menu

Finals: Mystery Item – Tofu (Vegan Menu)
Before they began cooking, they were told to switch kitchens and create their interpretation of their competitors menu

Chef Bruce Feingold of Dada’s VS. Chef AJ Benacquisto of 32 East

Chef Bruce (Interpretation of AJ’s menu)
Salad: Endive & apple salad with jicama & marinated onions in a creamy garlic/ tofu dressing
Appetizer: Tofu “ceviche” with blood oranges, local peppers, cilantro, scallions & a roasted garlic granita
Entrée: Garlic grilled tofu steak on seitan & braised greens with fingerling potatoes, roasted pearl onions & candied garlic “agrodolce”

Chef AJ (Interpretation of Bruce’s menu)
Salad: Fire roasted peppers potatoes, apples, asparagus salad with a nutmeg tofu vinaigrette
Appetizer: Roasted garlic, marinated grilled tofu, tomato, zucchini with a white balsamic drizzle
Entrée: Asian mopo tofu with soy seitan and tofu zucchini on a jicama Asian slaw.

Round #1: Mystery Item – Array of Lunch Meat (Roast Beef, Ham & Bologna)

Chef AJ Benacquisto of 32 East VS. Chef Todd Webster of IceBox Cafe

Chef AJ
Salad: Grilled pineapple & bologna salad with mixed greens, radish, cucumber, lime and macerated red onion with a sweet garlic chili dressing
Appetizer: Grilled naan Panini with roast beef, curry horseradish cream, marinated tomato & spinach vinaigrette
Entrée: Pan seared ham steak on parsnip puree with roasted fingerling potatoes, mixed asparagus & apple with a honey mustard brown butter

Chef Todd
Salad: Mixed green salad with garlic & ginger citrus vinaigrette
Appetizer: Roasted beef & cheese whiz naan wrap with parsnip chips
Entrée: Grilled ham steak with roasted garlic fingerling potatoes and an asparagus cassoulette
Round #2: Mystery Item – Array of Ground Meats (Antelope, Elk & Kangaroo)

Chef Jose Pinot of The Local House VS. Chef Michael Vogler of Latitudes

Chef Jose
Salad: Roasted vegetable salad with kangaroo & garlic puree
Appetizer: Antelope meatballs over sautéed kale.
Entrée: Elk meatloaf with a mushroom potato puree

Chef Michael
Salad: Spiced antelope on a bed of romaine with a creamy garlic dressing
Appetizer: Kangaroo wontons with garlic oyster sauce on wilted spinach
Entrée: Elk meatloaf with crimini mushrooms and white asparagux
Semi-Finals: Mystery Item – Array of Beef Jerky (Habanero, Teriyaki & Original)
: 30 minute mark, were given Fruit Roll-ups to make work in one of their dishes

Chef AJ Benacquisto of 32 East VS. Chef Michael Vogler of Latitudes

Chef AJ
Salad: Dandelion greens in strawberry tequila vinaigrette with habanero jerky, garlic marinated tomatoes, cilantro & garlic chips
Appetizer: Asparagus in a blanket on garlic gastrique with brie, roasted grapes & a sweet jerky gremolada
Entrée: “Ramen” vegetable bowl in jerky/garlic broth with crab, nori & scallions

Chef Michael
Salad: Mixed green salad with a garlic red wine vinaigrette with jerky crumbles, red grapes & heirloom tomatoes
Appetizer: Baked brie with habanero jerky & fresh strawberries
Entrée: Creamy garlic pasta with sweet jerky & fresh herbs
2013 Winning Menus

WINNER: Bruce Feingold, Dada’s
Dessert 1: Dada version of a deconstructed cannoli with a garlic blackberry and blueberry mascarpone filling, drizzled with dark chocolate sauce and shavings of chocolate
Dessert 2: White chocolate, fresh mozzerella, raspberry fried wonton with a jalapeno garlic caramel
Dessert 3: Strawberry, blueberry cobbler with roasted garlic and lemon zest cobbler topping finished with fresh balsamic whipped cream

RUNNER UP: Chuck Gittleman, Farmers Table
Dessert 1: Napoleon with mozzarella, roasted garlic, basil, black berries and a chocolate vermouth sauce
Dessert 2: Mascarpone candied garlic pot-stickers, raspberry aji cream with chocolate shavings
Dessert 3: Mixed berry frico, mozzarella with shaved white chocolate and garlic chips

2012 Winning Menus

WINNER: Chuck Gittleman, Delray Beach
Salad: Lime-cilantro marinated alligator with cilantro on top of garlic avocado cream.
Appetizer: “Chicken” fried alligator with a roasted red pepper aioli, on top of braised kale.
Entrée: Pan seared alligator with Caribbean coconut rice, pineapple,
cashews, ginger, scallions and candied garlic.

RUNNER UP: Chris Miracolo – Max’s Harvest
Salad: Warm Alligator Kale salad with pancetta, asparagus, avocado, and roasted peppers with a Garlic Vinaigrette.
Appetizer: Alligator Garlic fritters, with a pineapple, ginger, and coconut aioli, cilantro salsa
Entrée: Alligator Milanese, served over a roasted Garlic risotto made with asparagus, and a tomato and capers pan sauce.

2011 Winning Recipes

WINNER: Chuck Gittleman – Deck 84, Delray Beach
Appetizer: Goat Chop Steak (Holstein), roasted garlic mushroom arugula salad
Salad: Seared spiced goat with shaved fennel/sunflower sprout salad, garlic yogurt dressing and plantain croutons
Entrée: Curry grilled goat with bone, garlic spinach, and mashed acorn squash with mango relish

RUNNER UP: Andy Trousdale – LeBistro, Lighthouse Point
Appetizer: Shredded goat risotto with candied garlic
Salad: Sunflower sprouts and baby arugula, orange salad with garlic saffron aioli and shredded goat
Entrée: Shredded goat risotto with candied garlic

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